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1. All participants must wear appropriate footwear for riding and a protective helmet,  manufactured to the minimum specifications(PASO15, ASTM F1163, AS/NZ 3838 1992, Snell E 2001, OR, En 1384).   Hats with titanium strips and peaks, which were designed for show jumping, are not recommended for cross-country


2. Body protectors, of a standard approved by BETA for cross-country, must be worn


3. It is the responsibility of participants to ensure their tack and equipment is safe and suitable


4. We recommend that you remove any body piercings and jewellery before riding.


5. Dogs MUST be kept on a lead at ALL TIMES


6. Junior riders must be at least 10 years old. No junior rider is to be left unsupervised;

  it is the parent/carer's responsibility to ensure juniors are supervised by a responsible adult


7. Inspect the course and select jumps that are suited to your ability


8. Ride safely showing consideration to other participants on the course.


9.Riders are requested to report any broken/damaged jumps immediately.